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Anthony Morrison: Founder Of Morrison Education, INC.

Morrison Education was founded by internet entrepreneur Anthony Morrison to deliver world-class internet business education to people in the Mississippi area. Our mission is to help our students become financially independent by empowering themselves through education and training. We have developed cutting edge courses in internet marketing, internet business, and internet basics. All of our programs are designed to deliver effective and measurable results for our students in a much shorter time period than traditional education. When you enroll in classes at Morrison Education, Inc. you will be taught by CEO Anthony Morrison.

If you have the desire and the drive to achieve financial independence, Morrison Education, Inc. will give you the knowledge and the tools to make your dream a reality. Morrison Education is not your typical school and it does not yield typical results for typical students. If you’re a doer, your success starts here.

Anthony Morrison’s Education System

Anthony Morrison’s education system allows anyone to start creating their own business right from their own home and without a big time and money investment. Anthony Morrison’s education system has been develop thinking about many types of people, from the stay at home mom to the busy executive. Anthony’s education system is easy to understand and easy to apply. It goes right to the point of what are the necessary steps that you need to take in order to start changing your life and creating extra income for you and you and your family.

Anthony Morrison’s education system also allows you to create a business without having to quit your day job or interfere with the rest of your life. In just a few hours a week you can see how Anthony Morrison’s education system will allow you to start creating income with little effort.

Anthony Morrison gives you an education that has been proven to work and is compatible with your busy schedule

Anthony Morrison’s Education Benefits

One of the great benefits about Anthony Morrison’s education is that it is time flexible. You can set the pace that you want to move at with Anthony’s system.

Anthony Morrison offers a wide array of education methods such as books, DVDs, audio CDs, videos, seminars, one-on-one consulting and much more. With Anthony Morrison’s education programs you can study from your home, while you are in your car, while running errands or virtually anywhere.

Anthony Morrison’s education gives you the knowledge and training you need to move your life forward happiness and freedom.

The first step toward earning more money and affording the life you desire is to start learning more.
Anthony Morrison can help you make this step effective, profitable and easy to apply.

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Anthony Morrison Gives You The Best Education
Let Anthony Morrison take you into the next level of your life. Who better to learn from that an accomplished self-made young entrepreneur and multimillionaire like Anthony Morrison.
Knowing that Anthony Morrison’s system works and that you can apply if and replicate his success makes you already have won half the battle.

Anthony Morrison thru his education programs gives you the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to start and create your own online business and that also can be applied immediately giving you fast results.

Every new technique that you learn from Anthony Morrison is designed to be immediate implemented so that you can start creating profits as you learn. With Anthony’s system there is no need to wait until course completion to be able to put his lessons into practice. Anthon y Morrison makes sure that he gives you the best and optimized system that allows you to start creating income while you learn. Every lesson is designed to not only educate you, but to allow you to create income as you progress. The further you are into Anthony Morrison’s program, the more profit you will be able to create.

Anthony Morrison has created a whole new education system that takes away the repetition and the boring ineffective tasks in order to give you real and effective information that you need and will make a difference in your life and not just information that is not valuable and will actually take time and effort away from you.

Anthony Morrison also makes all of his lessons easy to learn and understand. His way of teaching keeps the student interested and engaged. Every lesson from Anthony Morrison is followed by real life examples that you can also apply and get results as you learn the concepts found in Anthony Morrison’s education program.

Take a step toward a better future and enroll today in an Anthony Morrison’s education program!

Anthony Morrison’s education program takes you from the basic of online marketing all the way to advanced concepts. No matter your experience level, from internet beginner to experienced, you will find that Anthony Morrison’s program are filled with great information that will allow you to start your online business if you don’t have one, or to take your current online business into a whole new level that you never imagined possible.

Anthony Morrison’s Resources And Bonuses

Additionally to all of Anthony Morrison’s education programs you will have access to a wealth of education resources. Among these resources one of the best ones that you will be given access to is Anthony Morrison’s online community. Anthony Morrison’s online community is a great place where Anthony’s students get to interact, meet and share. This is a great online community where Anthony Morrison’s students also share the great results that they are getting from Anthony Morrison’s education and how you can achieve them too.

Anthony Morrison’s education programs are not limited to online businesses. You can find that many of his strategies and techniques can be applied to almost any business and can help make any business profitable. So if you ever decide to expand of change fields, you will see that you can still rely on Anthony Morrison’s education and strategies to create an effective and successful business.

Anthony Morrison’s Education Succeeds Where Most Fail

Additionally, Anthony Morrison keeps his students motivated all throughout the education process. This is a vital point and a trademark of Anthony Morrison’s education and where most education systems fail. In almost all education programs the intensity and motivational level is very high at the beginning but as time passes by, it decreases and with it the student’s attention and efforts.

All through his courses and programs, Anthony Morrison gives his students the needed motivation to keep going and getting results. This not only makes the education process more enjoyable, it also helps ensure that the student is motivated and therefore, he or she will get results.

Anthony Morrison
Anthony Morrison is an Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker

Anthony Morrison grew up in a family that encouraged intellectual curiosity, empathy for others and healthy self-esteem. Anthony Morrison gave his parents a glimpse of his potential when, at the age of seven, he decided he wanted a Jacuzzi. Anthony Morrison sold candy bars door-to-door until he had earned the money for the Jacuzzi. One year later, at age eight, Anthony Morrison set his sights on buying his father a motorcycle and did just that, enlisting his siblings in the effort. Other successful part-time ventures followed, setting a pattern for Anthony Morrison's later life: find something you enjoy, learn as much about that subject as possible, and pursue your goals with single-minded enthusiasm. Anthony Morrison showed a predilection for achieving his goals and creating avenues to achieve them more efficiently and profitably. Anthony Morrison was creating the blueprint for his later success without realizing it,

Anthony Morrison expanded upon a business he’d had as a teen and established his first company when financial ruin threatened his family, Cool Blue Performance. Within one year Anthony Morrison was working with every parts supplier in the industry; the following year Anthony Morrison began manufacturing his own parts and dominating the industry.

Anthony Morrison has started eleven additional companies since then, created a charity, and now operates one of the most successful seminar tours in the United States. Anthony Morrison not only teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to succeed in business, he helps them start their first business and provides one-on-one instruction.  Anthony Morrison shows no sign of slowing down. His business portfolio includes online retail, direct response, nationwide conferences, and more.

Anthony Morrison's Companies

At age 25 Anthony Morrison has founded more than 8 successful businesses, and he shows no sign of slowing down. Anthony Morrison's business portfolio includes online retail, direct response, nationwide conferences, and more. Below are some of the businesses Anthony Morrison has founded

- Cool Blue Performance
- Affiliate Income, Inc
- I Net Millions, LLC
- Invest Domains, LLC
- Morrison Publishing, LLC
- Media M, LLC
- MorrisonBusiness.com
- CityView Investments, LLC

Anthony Morrison’s Speaking & Appearances

Anthony Morrison has spoken to thousands of people around the country on his nationwide tour. He speaks on various topics including entrepreneurship, economics, and internet marketing. Anthony Morrison enjoys speaking to everyone from corporate audiences to groups of high school teenagers. No matter who he's speaking to Anthony Morrison gives a well-targeted and informative message.

Anthony Morrison: The Author

In 2008 Anthony Morrison became and author and expanded into the world of publishing with his first book, The Hidden Millionaire: Twelve Principles to Uncovering the Entrepreneur in You. Anthony Morrison wrote his second book in 2009, Advertising Profits From Home, in an effort to teach people around the country how to use the techniques and strategies he developed to create a successful online marketing campaign. Anthony Morrison has created a blueprint for a successful marketing campaign and platform for affiliate marketers around the world, and he shares these secrets in his new book. Anthony Morrison filmed a TV show with Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author of The Chicken Soup Series, to promote Anthony’s new book on a national level.

Anthony Morrison – Morrison Education Inc.

Anthony Morrison is best known for his ability to create successful internet businesses.

Morrison Education, Inc. was founded by Anthony Morrison in order to teach people in the Madison, Ms. Area about the internet and how to use it to create a business. Many schools will teach you how to read, write, and to math, however, they do not teach you how to think and act like a businessman and create profits. The main goal we at Morrison Education, Inc. have is to make sure all of our students know how to obtain revenue from online advertising before they finish our courses.

Anthony Morrison is an author, entrepreneur, young millionaire and public speaker. You can learn more about Anthony Morrison and the methods he employs as an internet marketing expert by enrolling in any of Anthony's education programs.

Morrison Education does not stop at seminars only. Through online blogs, Anthony Morrison TV, weekly blogs, books, DVDs and seminars, Anthony Morrison is providing training and hands on help for business. Through his program he is offering tools that are designed to convert online traffic to your website into cash in your pocket.

Today's economic woes and challenges have affected men, women and businesses alike all across the country. The educational programs developed by Anthony Morrison are key to helping many people and businesses find the success in these troubled times and increase their profitability. Internet businesses are not simply cut and dry easy to succeed; they take skill and expertise that comes through experience. With the help of an expert like Anthony Morrison, the process of creating a successful business can be shorten and the path to online profits can be seen clear.

The financial freedom enjoyed by Anthony Morrison is condensed and imparted through this different education programs.

Anthony Morrison's education covers topics such as:

  • How social networking sites can help investors achieve free advertisement.
  • Press and News Releases.
  • Article distribution.
  • How to buy a domain and host a website.
  • How to locate quality website designers at a low price.
  • How to optimize your site for search engines (SEO).
  • How to use PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and other paid advertisement avenues.
  • How to get content for your website.
  • How to create and promote a blog.
  • How to use e-mail marketing.
  • How to optimize your Return-On-Investment (ROI).
  • Lead Generation And Management.
  • CPA networks (Cost-Per-Acquisition).
  • Keyword research and optimization.
  • Campaign marketing and management software.
  • How to revenue from your website.
  • How to use the internet for your own financial gain thus easing yourself out of debt and building your own financial well-being and much more!.

Anthony Morrison has put together a complete program that will allow you to become an internet marketer and that is easy to follow and implement. Additionally Anthony Morrison provides real life examples and has a great support teams that will be with you in every step of the way.

Knowing when and how to use this education is thought unless you have a guide like Anthony Morrison and a support team and platform like the one he has developed. You need people to talk to and learn from regarding your problems and someone to suggest possible solutions. You can find this in Anthony Morrison's students.

Join Anthony Morrison's Live community and forums to know more.

Anthony Morrison's Enterprises

Anthony Morrison quickly achieved the status of earning his first million dollars at the young age of 21 launched his first online business.

When financial ruin threatened his family, Anthony Morrison expanded upon a business he'd had as a teen and established his first company, Cool Blue Performance. Within one year he was working with every parts supplier in the industry; the following year he began manufacturing his own parts and dominating the industry.

Since then Anthony Morrison has started eleven additional companies, created a charity, Christmas For Kids, and now operates one of the most successful seminar tours in the United States.

Anthony Morrison not only teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to succeed in business, he helps them start their first business and provides one-on-one instruction.


Anthony Morrison’s Books

Anthony Morrison has currently published:


Anthony Morrison’s first book was “The Hidden Millionaire: Twelve Principles to Uncovering the Entrepreneur In You”. The book is highly motivational as Anthony Morrison walks you through his life story and teaches you the twelve essential keys to being a successful entrepreneur in the process. If you are looking to start your own business this is a great book to read so you avoid the mistakes people commonly make.

Anthony Morrison’s story isn’t merely inspirational; it provides real principles for guiding one’s self through the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurial endeavors. Part guide, part autobiography, The Hidden Millionaire provides access not to just Anthony Morrison’s story, but also insight into the means by which anyone can be successful as an entrepreneur. Anyone can tell you that you could or should be successful: Anthony Morrison tells you how.


The second book “Advertising Profits From Home” was written by Anthony Morrison in 2009 and is published by Visionary Strategies, LLC. This book is an amazing blueprint for successful online marketing. Anthony Morrison walks you step by step through the processes and teaches you how to utilize the techniques and strategies that have made him so successful. This book is featured on a nationwide television show that began airing in 2009.

In this book Anthony Morrison tells you to forget everything you have ever been told and any of your preconceived ideas about making money online. Whether you have money, are completely broke and in debt, or you’re someone in between, this is the book that will show you how you can create revenue online using the simple techniques Anthony Morrison has been using for years. If you want a blueprint to financial success in today’s economy, Anthony Morrison has created the perfect book.





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